Connecting to a safe@office vpn on a Mac...

Let me start off by saying that I started using a Mac several years ago because I finally reached a tipping point. I knew I wanted to get more into photography and have access to things like Lightroom and Photoshop. I was also getting tired of administering my box (although I’m happy that Ubuntu is largely making that practice disappear for the average user). I want to write code, do photography, and still participate in the business world without worrying about whether my OpenOffice document is going to render correctly.

Subversion is moving to ASF!

I’m late in the game on announcing this, but Subversion is moving to the ASF!. I think it’s awesome that has put in the work necessary to grow such a thriving open source project. I, personally, think this move makes a lot of sense. The ASF has a long standing history in terms of protecting open source, already hosts a number of large projects that many companies are involved in, and I believe it will open the door for more committers to be involved.

Bazaar as a Subversion "super client"

Nearly a year ago, I read an article by Ben Collins-Sussman called A Mercurial “super client”. About a month or so prior to that, I had started playing with Bazaar and, in particular, bzr-svn. Since then, I have really wanted to write a similar article for Bazaar, but haven’t found the time. I’m happy to say, that both Bazaar and bzr-svn have come to a head, with Bazaar releasing 2.0 and bzr-svn releasing 1.0. So, it seems like the right time to get this done!