Going to PyCon 2008!

I’m very excited to be attending this year. I wanted to attend the last couple of years, but had some family matters to attend to. I’m hoping to learn a few things and run into a few people while I’m there. If you haven’t signed up already, click the badge and do so!

Mail for ipod touch...

I downloaded the software upgrade for my ipod touch so that I could get the Mail application. Unfortunately, our mail servers use a self-signed certificate so whenever the Mail tried to verify the IMAP connection it would pop up a box asking to continue. I hit ‘continue’ and it’d sit there until several minutes later when it would time out. I logged into our mail server and watched the logs and it appears the Mail application was effectively terminating the connection after I hit continue. I decided to hit ‘cancel’ instead and then hit save again. It threw up a disclaimer saying I may not be able to receive mail, but low and behold: when I went to look at my inbox, mail was there! Yay! I’m really liking my ipod touch… too bad I can’t carry it around with me at work. :-(

My first dtrace script...

I had a misbehaving application (I believed it was connecting to the wrong port based on a preference setting), so I figured I’d give dtrace a try and see if I could capture the connect() system call. After a fair amount of tweaking, I was finally able to capture what I was looking for. Here’s the script:

Installed Leopard!

Nice to see that Mac OS X shipped with Python 2.5. I need to figure out how to migrate a number of my Python modules to the mainline tree though. I should really just install them into a different tree. :-)