PyCon 2009

Just a reminder that PyCon 2009 is just around the corner: March 27-29 in Chicago. Last year’s PyCon was a blast, and I expect that it’ll be this year too (lots of good talks lined up).

Review Board and Djblets...

I’ve been looking a lot lately at getting a tool together that allows developers to easily set their projects up and encourages a good workflow without being forced into a specific paradigm. For instance, I think it’s a good idea to review before commit, but some projects only have a couple devs, and that can be painful when the other is out on vacation.

Stepping up my ssh game

In the past, I used ssh almost solely for remote administration of a couple of boxes, which were well within my physical control (in the server room at work, the one at my desk at home, etc.). However, I’ve started using my laptop more and a number of services/tools that I want to use (Gitorious, Bazaar, Git, Launchpad, etc.) build on top of ssh. So I figured it was finally time to up my game on that front.