Subversion is moving to ASF!

I’m late in the game on announcing this, but Subversion is moving to the ASF!. I think it’s awesome that has put in the work necessary to grow such a thriving open source project. I, personally, think this move makes a lot of sense. The ASF has a long standing history in terms of protecting open source, already hosts a number of large projects that many companies are involved in, and I believe it will open the door for more committers to be involved.

Bazaar as a Subversion "super client"

Nearly a year ago, I read an article by Ben Collins-Sussman called A Mercurial “super client”. About a month or so prior to that, I had started playing with Bazaar and, in particular, bzr-svn. Since then, I have really wanted to write a similar article for Bazaar, but haven’t found the time. I’m happy to say, that both Bazaar and bzr-svn have come to a head, with Bazaar releasing 2.0 and bzr-svn releasing 1.0. So, it seems like the right time to get this done!