Trail Runs

I haven’t considered myself a runner for a long time. I ran back in high-school and through some of my college years, but gave it up as it was hard to build muscle and run lots of miles. Since my return to running, I’ve discovered that the trails are where I like to live. I like road running too, but there’s something about running in nature that I find comforting.

This page is really for me to help keep track of trails that I like.


  • Morning Choice and Rockburn Branch Trail. It’s about 4 miles around the loop. The area is very rooty and has several mud patches, even when it’s been dry for most of the week. Outside of that, it’s a great trail and connects to several others, so you can extend the length of the run pretty easily.

  • Pickall Trail. The trail itself is only 2.8ish miles long, but has some rocky and muddy areas, as well as some obstacles. On the whole, it’s a pretty scenic run that follows the edge of the Patapsco River.