New Mikrotik Router

I’m been using a Safe@Office Router/Firewall at home now for several years, but it bothered me. First, the licensing model wasn’t clear–it only allowed limited client connections to the Internet versus limiting the number of VPN connections–which is what I thought the licenses were for from the documentation. At 5 users, one person can just about eat it up (phone, laptop, desktop, Apple TV, iPad). Then anyone else is rejected from reaching the Internet. Not a good situation, and shame on you Safe@office for not being clear about it.

Yosemite woes

I recently purchased a new MacBook Pro and it came pre-installed with Yosemite. While I did examine the Yosemite betas, I only did so under a VM and only to check that the Open Source projects I work on would continue to build and operate correctly under it.

Learning Revolution

I promise that my blog will not be just a stream of videos, but I’ve been stumbling across some very interesting talks and presentations that I feel I had to share.