It's been a while...

..since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been in the process of rewriting my site. I’m tired of Wordpress, tired of escaping code, tired of futzing with code to make it readable, and basically tired of Wordpress working against me rather than with me. So I took a look at other blogging systems… and none of them had all the characteristics that I wanted. So I’ve been busy in background developing my own using Django. This will allow me to write code in blogs much easier, and I didn’t have to jump through the pain of trying to design my own Wordpress template.

Installing Python modules to your home folder on a Mac

It turns out that by default, on Leopard, Python 2.5 looks at ~/Library/Python/2.5/site-packages for Python modules. The problem is that nothing installs there by default. However, distutils (and setuptools) will read settings from ~/.pydistutils.cfg allowing you to configure some default settings for the install and easy_install commands. After a little bit of work, here’s the final result: