Class Decorators...

I’m having a great time here at PyCon. Lots of good information all over the place, which is awesome. Add to it the friendliness of everyone, and you really have one of the best conferences ever.

I attended a talk on Class Decorators (PEP 3129), this past Saturday and was very surprised. First, I don’t remember hearing anything about it. Secondly, it had never occurred to me to use decorators to initialize a class–even without the syntactic sugar that is offered by 2.6. Having done a couple of things with metaclasses, I have to say that class decorators are a much better answer.

PyCon 2009

Just a reminder that PyCon 2009 is just around the corner: March 27-29 in Chicago. Last year’s PyCon was a blast, and I expect that it’ll be this year too (lots of good talks lined up).