Goodbye Kristen...

Did you see it? Yeah, that was the world growing just a little bit dimmer, as one of the most amazing people in the world passed away after a long struggle with cancer.

Kristen was a person of rare form. She had more compassion than should fit into one individual, and such a zest for life. The positive energy that flowed out of her was immense, and felt by everyone. She was incredibly smart, and had a way with people that few could match. One of her most amazing qualities, was that she was herself. There was no mask, and no frills. What you saw was who she was, and she was incredible. She was genuine.

I doubt there are many people in the world who could have put up the fight she did against cancer. I doubt that any of us are living life with half the vigor that she did while being treated. I doubt that any of us will forget her, that smile, or that laugh as she exits the world. We’ll miss you Kristen.

Go Jackets!