Getting ready for PyCon Day 2...

It was an exciting first day at PyCon. I met Ben Collins-Sussman, Brian Fitzpatrick (who is just as down to earth as he appears to be), Ted Leung, Steve Holden (Director of the PSF), and many, many other great contributors to the community.

I was completely beat at the end of the day, especially after spending several hours editing slides for a talk I’m supposed to give back home. I slept longer than I have in a very long time–which is refreshing.

So, I’m getting geared up for today. I’m particularly excited about Alex Martelli’s talk on callback patterns and idioms in Python and Jono DiCarlo’s talk on Python Application Development. And I’m really looking forward to meeting a few more people. So if you happen to read this, and you’re at pycon, look for me! Here’s a picture of me (with my two kids):

Me and my two boys