Updates to fsfsverify coming...

I’ve been hard at work on a new version of fsfsverify that handles the new svndiff1 format. I also took it as an opportunity to rewrite large portions of it, because it’s clearly leading a life of it’s own. So far it has seen 330 downloads by 278 unique ip addresses since June of last year. I’m sure many of those were people just curious about the script. However, I know people are indeed using it, since I get emails declaring success, and occasionally ones that ended in failure (hey, I can’t fix data loss).

At any rate, I hope to finish up most the remaining items over the next week or so. As always, real life takes precedence, so that may end up being more like a month.

I appreciate those folks who have emailing me to let me know how things went. I try to keep tabs on just how wide-spread the issue is, and the emails help greatly. The only thing I ask is that along with your emails, please provide some details about your setup. Which OS, which version of the OS and Subversion. How are you accessing it (svn://, http://, etc)? What quality was the link when the corruption occured? Local lan? Over a modem? Is it reliable? Is it latent? Have you experienced any hard disk errors? Memory errors?

It’s important to provide that information because it can help us narrow the field and make sure we fix the issue. To date, no dev has been able to reproduce the problem. Until we can reproduce the problem, we can’t really understand what’s causing it.