Installed Leopard!

Nice to see that Mac OS X shipped with Python 2.5. I need to figure out how to migrate a number of my Python modules to the mainline tree though. I should really just install them into a different tree. :-)

The only weird thing I’ve seen so far is that Terminal had some bogus key bindings set up. I don’t know why they chose to use page-up and page-down as a way to scroll the buffer… I guess they figured no one uses tools like Vim. :-) I use Vim constantly, so I changed the bindings to be more like the Linux defaults. I’m not particularly fond of all the translucency… it’s neat eye candy but stands in the way of productivity.

Other than that, things have gone smoothly. I’m definitely eager to try some of the dtrace tools out. I really wish I had a similar solution for Windows and Linux though.