When does the patent stupidity end?

I’m not a very “political” guy. I’m a technical guy. I like to engineer, and I like to code. That’s me. That’s what I do. But when I read things like article on Slashdot about the settlement between Apple and Creative over Patent 6,928,433, I feel as though I must quit my job and spend my life fighting to change the patent process. There is no technical innovation in this patent: they implemented menus that can change dynamically! Good grief. Will the stupidity ever end? When the USPTO is willing to grant patents like this, it only drives corporations to patent every idea they have, instead just the ones that are technically innovative. It means more work for corporations since they have to go through the patent process, it means more work for the PTO because they should be reviewing every patent that comes in–although there is clearly a problem here, and it means more cost to the consumer, since we’re ultimately the people paying for the product and, of course, the government collects our taxes. The process must change. Grrrr.