Starting a Python Users Group

So, I’ve always been jealous of ChiPy and BayPIGgies, and their endless stream of awesome Python talks. My first reaction was to move. :-) But that isn’t going to work out to well with my current work… so I opted for choice two: create a Python Users Group. I haven’t gotten us on the schedule at the library yet, but I’m prodding for interest from the community. So, if you’re in the Baltimore-Washington DC area, and are interested, drop me a line and let me know. I’d like to get a list of at least 10 names, and then schedule it in at Howard County Central Library. Check out their website for the exact location, but it’s in Columbia across the street from Columbia Mall. As soon as I get enough folks (and I should be close), I’ll reserve the room, and hopefully we can have our first meeting after the holidays!

Hope to hear from you!